Portal and archive for musicians and composers

The Portal is an affiliate of Foundation (DNA).

Musicians and composers are invited to become member and publish their profile, picture and biography.
All services such as archive your performances, library, visuals and compositions are immediately available after subscription and login.

Project sharing
Individual performing artists can start projects with a self chosen group of colleagues. The complete production process used by the group members archives all actions, documents, agenda, and more. 
The result provides a well-arranged reference work that can be used for publication and reporting respectively for the public or supporting funds and sponsors. Visit the Project page


DNA has chosen English as Lingua Franca, to make it easier to share information with the international cultural world and the many cross-border partnerships. Each participant is free to choose to add content in any language.

For membership visit the Subscription page

Example: Website generated by the and maintained by the heirs of Dutch composer Peter Schat