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See below: scores for music students by Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst

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Aap verslaat de Knekelgeest, Project 'Music Education' scores for music students

Project 'Music Education' scores for music students 1

Scores by Peter Schat (and colleaugue composers) are published as 'being read' by you as conductor.
Reason is the large use by music students that have no access to conservatories
either caused by lack of money or by distance.
Curator: Jean-Marie van Bronkhorst

Project 'Music Education' scores for music students 2


Beethoven triple concerto,

Mokum Symphony presenteerde op de valreep van het Beethovenjaar 2020:
De Vrije Beethoven: alle strijkkwartetten
een Cyclus in de Singelkerk van de Doopgezinde Gemeente, Singel 452, 1017 AW Amsterdam.